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We know that graduating is only the first step toward building a better life for you and your family.

Career Services

Career Services

The Career Services staff at Brown Mackie College is here to help you take that next step, and transition you from the classroom to the workplace. Our experience and contacts in the community will help guide you in your search for a career in your field.

To help you prepare you for the next step, the Career Services staff will provide instruction on job search skills, resume writing, interviewing, and networking, and our dedicated staff can also help you find a part-time job while you are still finishing school.

But there is more to the process than just finding a job. The Career Services staff will also help you deal with practical needs like childcare, transportation, and wardrobe development, helping you prepare to take that next step.

Brown Mackie College can’t guarantee employment for graduates, but the Career Services staff will work hard to help you find employment leads, prepare you to put your best foot forward, and then help you get job interviews. It’s up to you to take initiative and follow through with the employment process, but we will support you every step of the way.

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