Nicole Barron

Senior Lead

Name: Nicole Barron

Employer: Blue Cross

Senior Lead for Blue Cross of Idaho

"Your education is what you make of it," says Nicole Barron. "Work hard and pay attention." That's exactly what Nicole did while enrolled at Brown Mackie College – Boise.

Nicole is a single mother who was determined to earn a college degree. This goal at times seemed impossible before she discovered the flexible class options and one-class-a-month format at Brown Mackie College – Boise. Still, it wasn't easy. "Completing the program helped me to overcome self-doubt and fear," she says. "It gave me the soft and hard skills and exposure I needed to be successful in life. I learned my worth."

Nicole graduated from Brown Mackie College – Boise in 2014, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management. Today, she works at Blue Cross of Idaho as senior lead of a team of customer service representatives. "I coach my team advocates in company policies and procedures, assist in resolving escalated situations, and solve complex member issues."

In just two years of full-time employment, Nicole achieved the position of senior lead, managing a team of 15. "I hope to achieve further advancement as I gain experience and knowledge," she says. "I am proud of earning a degree and supporting my family," she says.

In addition to her career, Nicole and her family are actively involved in her church, where she participates in a variety of community service projects. "We coordinate many drives and other campaigns to support various in-need entities," Nicole says.

Through her work and other activities, Nicole takes pride in making a difference in the lives of people in Idaho and around the nation. "I plan on continuing to learn through employer-sponsored classes, and growing as I continue on my career path with Blue Cross," she says.

Gail Beeler

Home Health Aid

Name: Gail Beeler

Employer: Griswold Home Health Care

Home Health Aid Assists Elderly Patients, 2015

Home Health Aid Assists Elderly Patients

 Gail Beeler works today as a home health aid for Griswold Home Health Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She visits elderly patients, caring for them and helping to ensure they can live independently in their own homes. Each day, Gail makes a difference in the lives of others. “I enjoy the different personalities I encounter daily. They share stories about their lives,” she says. “You can see the joy I am able to bring to them.”

 Gail’s career satisfaction came in part with help from Brown Mackie College – Tulsa, where she earned an Associate of Applied Science degree (Medical Assisting) in 2015. “I always knew that I was meant to work in the medical field. It has been my passion since I was just a little girl. Friends and family encouraged me to pursue a medical career, but I have to say that God led me to where I am today,” says Gail.

 Gail sought to change her life after a series of devastating losses. “I lost my mother, my husband, my income, and my home within a 30 day period,” she says. “My world fell apart until I decided to become a student at Brown Mackie College –Tulsa.”

 Dedicated to creating positive change, Gail focused on her work and excelled in the classroom. “The convenience Brown Mackie College –Tulsa offered to me as an adult with a family to care for was a huge factor,” says Gail. “I was amazed at the care and compassion of the staff and instructors. They helped me to press on and not give up.”

 Before graduating, Gail received the Brown Mackie College – Tulsa Inspiration Award, an affirmation of her struggle to overcome adversity. “I am proud of overcoming a very traumatic experience in my past, and being an example to my children by showing them how to face adversity without giving up,” she says.

 Gail maintains friendships and contact with the college. She volunteers her time to help with graduation ceremonies. Also, she volunteers at The Dream Center in Tulsa, helping to feed the homeless and assisting in the clothing department.

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