Licensed Practical Nurse

Name: Java J. Johnson

Employer: Home Healthcare Agency

Licensed Practical Nurse at Home Healthcare Agency, 2014

Java J. Johnson entered young adulthood while experiencing an untraditional order of life-changing events. Throughout it all, she held tight to her dreams of success. She was just 16 when her first child was born. High school became a thing of the past, and Java studied to take the General Educational Development (GED) test while she cared for her infant. 

She spent a year serving in the National Guard, and later found her true calling was in caring for others. Java continued studying, and become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). She now had several children, and wanted to continue providing for her family. 

Her goal was to become a nurse. She navigated the obstacle of completing several prerequisite classes before she could enter a nursing program. She and her children lived in subsidized housing for several years while she completed this step. As she explored nursing programs at different schools, Java decided on Brown Mackie College ― Indianapolis. 

The rigorous academics became overwhelming at times. Determined to complete the program successfully, Java made some extremely hard decisions. “I chose to send my children to live with my mother for a while, and I gave up my apartment to save money while I went through the program,” she says. 

Persevering through homelessness, financial struggles, and family upheaval, Java graduated in 2014, earning a Practical Nursing diploma. She went on to pass the licensure exam, and now works as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at Life's Touch in Indianapolis, Indiana. This home health care agency provides trained medical staff to care for patients at home. 

Java enjoys caring for those in need. “I administer medications, and assess patient conditions, taking the whole person into account. Also, I document vital information for effective communication with other health care providers,” she says. She provides comfort measures daily and participates in healing and disease management. Meeting new people is an aspect of her career that Java enjoys. 

She encourages others to follow their higher education goals. “Advice I would give to new students is, first and foremost, to attend class and pay attention,” says Java. “Second, build a positive rapport with the instructors and staff. I enjoyed the one-on-one interaction and the bonds we made. Everyone was understanding and flexible when ‘life’ happened. Last, study, study, study outside of school.” 

Java’s rewards of a college education include a new professional career and meaningful time with her children. “I am proud of never giving up on becoming a successful single mother and nurse. I am becoming the woman I want to be and the best nurse I can be,” she says. Java plans to continue her nursing education through the master’s degree level. Her new goal is to open a medical office as a nurse practitioner, or join an existing practice in that capacity. 

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Elyse Boggs

Registered Medical Assistant Working A Variety of Departments

Name: Elyse Boggs

Employer: Elkhart Clinic

Registered Medical Assistant Working A Variety of Departments , 2015

When Elyse Boggs discovered that health care was an expanding field and projected to keep growing, she took notice. “I like the idea of working in a medical environment,” she says. “I enjoy helping others, and I'm good with people. All these factors led me to look closely at the Medical Assistant Certificate program at Brown Mackie College ― South Bend.”

No stranger to college, Elyse had already earned a Bachelor of Science degree from another school. “School has never been easy for me,” Elyse says. “I was an average student until I figured out my individual learning style. Once I did, then I went from being average to earning a degree.”

During her studies, she faced some difficult medical issues. “With the help of family and a couple of close friends, I was able to overcome my health challenges and get where I am today,” she says. Elyse not only triumphed over her medical issues, she also excelled in her studies, earning a place on the Dean’s list and Honor Roll.

After graduating in 2015 with a Medical Assistant Certificate, she passed the certification exam and began her new career just a few short weeks later. Today, Elyse works as a registered medical assistant at Elkhart Clinic in Elkhart, Indiana.

At the clinic, Elyse is assigned a different department to work in each day. “My primary responsibilities depend on my placement within the clinic,” she says, “but a typical day includes rooming patients, taking and recording vital signs, performing urine analyses, and giving injections. I’m also responsible for educating patients about conditions affecting them, scheduling appointments, sending prescriptions, maneuvering through information on patient charts, and entering patient information on the computer.”

Being part of a team and helping new people every day is a rewarding experience for Elyse. “I really enjoy working in the different areas of medicine at the clinic. I love learning on a daily basis,” she says. “Each day brings new opportunities for advancement. Now that I have stability in my work schedule, I'd like to start volunteering for a couple different organizations.”

Elyse is grateful for receiving a solid educational foundation at Brown Mackie College ― South Bend. “I enjoyed the hands-on learning and specific areas of focus. The instructors were knowledgeable and helpful along the way,” she says. “The way they interacted and shared real life work experience really made an impact on how I learned the material. They pushed me out of my comfort zone to help me accomplish the most I could.”

“I plan on gaining as much knowledge and medical experience as possible,” she says. “Brown Mackie College ― South Bend helped me realize that it can be easier than you think to go to school and work at the same time.”

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