Betty Rogers

Paralegal Assistant and Office Manager

Name: Betty Rogers

Employer: Fathree & Fathree, P.C.

Paralegal Assistant Setting Example For Her Children, 2013

A unexpected pregnancy at age 16 did not stop Betty J. Rogers from completing her high school education. Shortly after graduating, she was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, which was causing great damage to her body. As she and her husband cared for their daughter, she underwent 15 surgeries and eventually the couple had a healthy son. Shortly after his birth, medical complications arose and led to further medical problems for Betty. The couple sought solutions all over the state of Oklahoma, and eventually, Betty healed. “I was finally able to start a life for myself and my family,” she says.

It was a television commercial in 2011 for Brown Mackie College ― Tulsa that sparked Betty to academic action. “I have always had a passion for the law; always wanted to do something in the field, but for a long time it seemed a distant dream.” she says.

Putting medical struggles behind her, she opened a new chapter in her life at Brown Mackie College ― Tulsa. “I enrolled not only for myself, but for my children who needed me to be a role model, and for my husband who has always worked to support us.” During her studies, Betty joined the Paralegal Club, and outside of school, she coached her daughter’s softball team.

Betty graduated with honors from Brown Mackie College ― Tulsa, receiving an Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies in 2013. She was also awarded the college’s Inspiration Award. Today, she works as a paralegal assistant and office manager at Fathree & Fathree, P.C., a firm specializing in family law and criminal law, in Claremore, Oklahoma.

She is responsible for preparing all legal documents for each case, and filing them with the court clerk. “Following the initial filing, I secure a Judge’s signature for all documents that require one,” says Betty. “I also answer phones, and prepare client intake forms, along with preparing invoices.” Betty writes much of the correspondence from the firm to keep clients informed at all times.  “Not only do I communicate with clients, but also with other law firms. I have formed a lot of good professional relationships,” she says.

“I enjoy meeting new clients and helping to improve their lives through family law or criminal law. Many of them are in need or desperate for a change. Criminal law is my passion,” she continues. “In both areas of the law, it is amazing how we perform the same process for each case, but each one is completely different.”

“I have traveled a difficult road in my life. Now I have completed this dream to the best of my ability for myself and for my family,” says Betty. “The students, faculty, and staff at Brown Mackie College ― Tulsa helped make that happen. The college is not just a collection of instructors, employees, and students; it is a family unit. I loved the atmosphere of the college and the motivation the school provides. The faculty is there to help you reach your goals, no matter what. College by far was not easy, but I loved every minute of it. I miss it now.”

She hopes to begin work on a bachelor’s degree in the next two years, and possibly go to law school. “I want to continue moving forward in my career and setting a good example for my children,” she says. “I want to be an example not only to the people close to me, but also to others who may just need that extra push.”

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Medical Assistant

Name: Johnny Fennix

Employer: Pulmonary Consultants

A better life in caring for others, 2013

A new way of life began for Johnny Fennix and his family when his wife saw a television commercial for Brown Mackie College ― Kansas City. “She looked into it and thought it would be a good fit for me,” he says. “I visited the college and met with Angela Graves. After asking a lot of questions to better understand what the school was about and what they had to offer, I determined that it would give me the education, skills, and scheduling that would fit our lives perfectly.”  

He settled into a schedule that let him attend class in the morning, work in the afternoon, and spend time with his family on his days off. He even managed to stay involved in activities at church while he earned his diploma. That is not to say there were no sleepless nights as Johnny juggled classes and homework with supporting his family and spending time with them. “I overcame these challenges by getting help from my family and friends,” he says.  

With previous experience in health care, Johnny chose to return to the field. “I was a certified nursing assistant (CNA) a few years back and had the privilege to care for a family member. I enjoyed it and decided to further my education to provide a better life for my family,” he says. 

Johnny graduated from Brown Mackie College ― Kansas City in 2013. With a Medical Assistant Diploma, he began a new professional career shortly after graduation. “I obtained a job with the help of Dr. Virginia Walker, an instructor in the program,” he says. “She took the initiative to help me find a place to do my externship. I did such a good job that they hired me on.” 

He works as a medical assistant with pulmonary consultants at Shawnee Mission Health in Miriam, Kansas. Johnny’s work with patients includes recording vital signs and reviewing current medications. He performs various pulmonary function tests, such as spirometry, performs scans, and takes x-rays. Also, he is responsible for scanning, linking, and pulling patient records. 

Johnny enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them. “I like explaining medical conditions and educating patients about their health,” he says. “Most of all, I like learning from the doctors and observing how they work.”  

“Brown Mackie College ― Kansas City taught me how important it is do my job effectively. I enjoyed the support and dedication of the staff; the way they made sure I was properly trained and knowledgeable in the field,” says Johnny. “They gave me hands-on experience in many of the skills I use every day. Now I am able to work in a private office or a hospital.” 

Feeling a growing sense of satisfaction with his career, Johnny encourages others to discover the feeling of caring for others. “My experience and education allow me to care for patients like I care for my own family,” he says. “I am proud to show my family how important it is to get an education, and how far they can go in life with it.” 

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