Shawn Andrews


Name: Shawn Andrews

Employer: Law Firm

Pursuing the Law, 2015

Shawn Andrews loves the law. Specifically, she enjoys criminal litigation, where she can become the voice for her clients. “I eat, sleep and breathe the law. Fighting the good fight is what drives me to become a lawyer,” she says.

While working full-time to provide for her family, she enrolled at Brown Mackie College ― Phoenix. For two years, she found balance between family, work, and school, and also excelled in her studies. Shawn earned straight A’s throughout her academic program. She became a member of the National Honor Society and graduated with honors in 2015.

Equipped with an Associate Science degree in Paralegal from Brown Mackie College ― Phoenix, she found work at an area law firm. Shawn enjoys her work, filing motions, power of attorney forms and other legal documents, and researching case law as needed for trial or clients. Shawn also maintains court calendars for the firm.

The academic program prepared her well for her professional career. “I love to learn and am fascinated by how our systems work. I couldn’t get enough,” says Shawn.  “The instructors were very involved in our education. Mr. Foster Mattson made the most important impact on me. He is driven to see his students succeed, and I learned more from him than I could ever have imagined about the law.”

The highpoints of Shawn’s education came on the occasions when the students left the classroom and entered the legal world. They spent a day at the Maricopa County prosecutor’s office, where they enjoyed a private Q&A session with county attorney Bill Montgomery. On another occasion, the class toured the County Courthouse, observed trials, and received a special privilege to speak with Superior Court judges. “That’s how much Mr. Mattson makes law come alive,” Shawn says. “Best day ever!”

Another session took place at a law library, where the class met for a hands-on lesson in legal research methodology. Mr. Mattson posed a Legal Research Challenge, providing students with the opportunity to make full use of library resources with the new skills they had learned.  

Shawn’s education ended with an externship position that was a dream come true. “I interned for a criminal defense attorney, who involved me in every aspect of his work; jail visits, discovery, client interviews, jury selection, and actual trials,” she says.

Dedicated to her new professional career, Shawn volunteers her skills and talents for Amnesty International USA and for the National Association of Legal Assistants Volunteer for Amnesty International USA (NALA). 

Shawn intends to finish law school and sit for the bar in Texas. “I want to work in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit,” Shawn says. “I want to practice Constitutional law to uphold the rights we are given.”

Shawn is currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program for psychology. Upon completion of that degree, she intends to go to law school. “I got here because I made it happen. It is my dream and I will be the one to achieve it,” she says.

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Jessica Talley

Certified Medical Assistant/Staff Nurse

Name: Jessica Tally

Employer: Total Access Urgent Care

Opportunity Comes to Those Who Work, 2015

Jessica Tally knew she wanted to spend her life helping others. She trained to do EMT work and began her career in the medical field. As time went by, she felt challenged to do more. “When I realized I wanted to further my medical training, I found Brown Mackie College ― St. Louis. I visited the facility and immediately fell in love with the setting and the staff,” says Jessica.

She approached her studies enthusiastically, knowing that education would help her attain a different career. Not everything went according to her plan. While fulfilling her externship requirements, near the end of the program, unexpected medical issues arose. She suddenly needed surgery and was hospitalized for a week. “I was able to extend my externship to complete the program a week before graduation,” she says.

Jessica earned a Medical Assistant Certificate in 2015. She now works as a certified medical assistant/staff nurse at Total Access Urgent Care in the St. Louis, Missouri Metro Area. “I enjoy every moment of my career,” she says.

Today, Jessica fulfills her aspiration of helping people every day, taking pride in providing the best care possible. “I like meeting the patients and understanding their injury or illness,” she says. “I make sure each one leaves satisfied with the level of care they receive. I am proud to be able to use my education and professional training in my new career.”

The varied responsibilities of a certified medical assistant include documenting each patient’s reasons for visiting the doctor, obtaining vital signs, drawing blood, splinting, casting, and performing urinalysis and lab procedures. ”I am trained to insert IV lines and administer medications via IV,” Jessica says. “Also, I give injections and oral medications. We document every action performed; every test ordered, and every step taken in providing care.” During flu season, Jessica volunteers her time to administer vaccines to area residents.

 “The hands-on training I received at Brown Mackie College ― St. Louis gave me a taste of the real world workplace,” she says. “The lab classes were amazing, learning to use the medical instruments and observing first hand how to perform certain procedures. My education prepared me for my career by giving me the training and resources I needed.” She loved hearing instructors talk about situations they encountered in the field, and how they handled them. “Getting tips and hearing what circumstances may happen is a great plus,” says Jessica.

Success has motivated Jessica to reach higher. “I have plans to return to Brown Mackie College ― St. Louis to get my education for becoming a registered nurse (RN),” she says. “I got to where I am today due to hard work and dedication with the help of my professors and other staff at Brown Mackie College. I also owe tribute to my family for being there to support me through it all.”

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