Thaddeus Meyer

Name: Thaddeus Meyer

Employer: William Sharp Therapy

Helping Others Live Independently

Thaddeus Meyer believes in setting big goals. Despite several learning disabilities, he earned an associate degree in chemical dependency. Wanting to work during day-time hours, he was disappointed that the field required evening work. So he looked to further his education.

“My mother has her PhD,” says Thaddeus. “I started out by volunteering at her practice.” He found deep satisfaction in the occupational therapy (OT) field, and enrolled in a degree program. Thaddeus’ learning disabilities, including attention deficit disorder, dysgraphia, a writing disorder, and dyslexia, were major obstacles to overcome during his educational journey.

“I lost my spot in one school due to my disabilities, and was very nervous about visiting Brown Mackie College – Phoenix. I was surprised how they took me in and treated me with dignity and respect. They were willing to work with my disorders,” Thaddeus says. “I knew in my heart that this was what I wanted to do. I have never been so devoted to an idea as I was to becoming an occupational therapy assistant.”

Thaddeus dedicated himself to his studies, and graduated from Brown Mackie College – Phoenix in 2015, earning an Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant. Prior to graduation, he was hired by William Sharp Therapy in Apache Junction, Arizona, while working there during his externship.

He successfully completed the certification exam and works today as a licensed, certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA/L). Every day, Thaddeus looks forward to helping people perform activities of daily living. “If there is something in life that someone wants to do, but is held back by a deficit, it is my job to help overcome that deficit,” he says. “I help people to live independently.”

Utilizing the many tools and equipment available in the profession, Thaddeus also creates new ways to modify and adapt activities and equipment. “The thing I enjoy most is the fact that I can use my imagination to be creative and inspiring,” he says. “When people see some of the things I modify or create, it gets them thinking.  Then they start modifying and creating things to help themselves.”

Ever since he was young, Thaddeus wanted to help people. “Above all else, I get to be myself on and off the job. I can be caring, kind, and empathetic while still being professional. I love not having to fake being happy,” Thaddeus says.

A highlight of his academic career was when Thaddeus was asked to speak at the Pearson Higher Education Conference. He represented Brown Mackie College – Phoenix, people with disabilities, and occupational therapy. “I gave a speech on how to combine occupational therapy with online learning for people with disabilities,” he says. “It ended with a standing ovation. I wasn’t nearly as smart as the geniuses that were sitting around me, but I felt very proud.” He carries his knowledge forward in a career that lets him fulfill a goal of helping others and receive a professional paycheck, which grows his confidence.

“Overcoming the emotional letdown of previous failures was perhaps my greatest challenge to overcome,” says Thaddeus. “I had both student and academic support. I was not alone.”

Thaddeus has more plans for the future. “In the future – now don’t laugh - all my other ambitions have come to fruition – I would like to work with my mother, who wants to create an occupational therapy resort,” he says. “I would create an OT-oriented campground attached to the resort. Of course that is a simple version of my dream. The thing I love more than anything is having a feeling of accomplishment that I truly know I can do anything I set out to do. Brown Mackie College - Phoenix helped me achieve that feeling. Thank you, Brown Mackie College and all the staff and students!”

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phylisha currie

Name: Phylisha Currie

Employer: Plantation General Hospital

RN on Medical Surgical Floor

Full-time employment did not deter Phylisha Yolanda Currie from pursuing a degree at Brown Mackie College ― Miami. She was referred to the school by a trusted family friend, who held a high regard for the academic programs it offers. “I enjoyed the convenience of focusing on one class per month,” she says. “I chose the college due to personable staff members and their willingness to go above and beyond to help.”

During the course of her nursing studies, Phylisha discovered that college “required 1,000 percent commitment.” She threw herself into the school work. “It is very important to put in the time to study because the education continues at home,” she says. “The instructors’ open door policy made it easy to speak up whenever difficulties arose. I enjoyed being part of a family away from home while I was there.”

In 2013, Phylisha graduated from Brown Mackie College ― Miami, earning an Associate of Science degree in Nursing. She passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN® exam) to work as a registered nurse (RN).

Her new professional career began at Plantation General Hospital in Plantation, Florida, where she works as an RN on the medical surgical floor. “My responsibilities include ongoing assessment of patients, taking and recording vital signs, and monitoring patient lab values. In addition, I review all orders to ensure patients receive the necessary treatment.”

Phylisha takes pride in caring for others with patience and compassion. “I enjoy making patients smile as they recover. The highlight of my career is being an advocate for them,” she says. “Being admitted to the hospital can be stressful and sometimes patients may not remember all concerns to address with the doctor. I am the liaison between the doctor and patients.”

She derives a great deal of satisfaction from following her dream. “Like most jobs, there are challenges; but I know that I make a difference, no matter how small. Although the doctors are widely recognized, it is great to know that patients remember the experience of being cared for by a caring nurse.”

Phylisha is grateful for the intangible qualities her education has instilled in her. “Brown Mackie College ― Miami taught me the importance of having a strong work ethic and understanding my individual strengths and weaknesses. They teach the importance of being open-minded. In addition to classroom information, they provided real life scenarios to prepare students to work in the field,” she says. “The whole experience is inspirational. I have a desire to continue my education to become a nurse practitioner.”

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