Arthur Cain III

Name: Arthur Cain III

Employer: Akron Beacon Journal

Sales agent, team trainer and entrepreneur with his eye on real estate

Arthur Cain III has always been fascinated by real estate sales. It seemed to him that everything in this world was a business. He figured by studying business management, he could turn in nearly any direction to build a career. Brown Mackie College ― Akron offered a flexible program that let him continue to work while he earned a degree.

“They gave me a good understanding of the ins and outs of business. The coursework required me to create an actual business plan, which will definitely help me out in the future,” Arthur says.

This 2014 graduate of Brown Mackie College ― Akron put his Associate of Applied Business degree in Business Management to work immediately at the Akron Beacon Journal. As an independent sales agent and team trainer, he negotiates and entices customers to purchase subscriptions to the paper. “I also train new sales agents on how to initiate sales, overcome rebuttals, and close sales,” he adds.

Accepting this position required that Arthur step out of his comfort zone. “Unlike a typical job, this one pays on commission only,” he says. “I prepare routes for different areas throughout the county for door-to-door sales. Each day, I set a quota for myself. This motivates me to achieve my sales goals. When I do this, I am able to determine how much money I will be able to earn on a weekly basis.”

Arthur approaches each day with professionalism and a positive attitude. He enjoys talking with people, and likes the challenge of meeting his goals. “I have the ability to more than double my monthly income, and gain substantial experience in the field of sales,” he says. “What I enjoy most about my career now is that I am in control of my destiny.”

One aspect of the work that every person in sales must face is rejection. “Rejection is unavoidable. You have to keep a short-term memory and move on. Selling is a numbers game. People will tell you no, but eventually you will find someone that says yes, and that is why we go to work.”

In addition to working at the Akron Beacon Journal, he set himself up as an independent business owner with the Amway Corporation. “We specifically deal with sales of organic and health products,” he says. “This opportunity has given me the ability to utilize my skills developed at Brown Mackie College ― Akron, and earn an additional form of income.”

While experiencing success in his career, Arthur still thinks about real estate. His externship landed him at Keller Williams Realty, where he worked closely with one of the sales representatives. “I am very thankful for that opportunity, and I have plans to obtain my real estate license,” he says. “I was intrigued by his proactive approach to real estate and I definitely feel like I can duplicate it.”

The education Arthur received at Brown Mackie College ― Akron prepared him for a successful career in many different ways. “I think one of the biggest things they did is take me out of my comfort zone,” he says. “I used to be nervous about talking in front of a bunch of people. The speech and public speaking classes truly helped me make a transition and become more comfortable.”

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Michelle Bowman

Name: Michelle Bowman

Employer: Burbank Parke and Health Pro

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant/Licensed Assisting Seniors

As a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, Michelle Lynn Bowman had a lot going on when she thought about going back to school. She had worked in the health care field for 21 years working as a billing specialist for a home health agency. “The occupational therapists really enjoyed what they were doing and the pay wasn’t too shabby either. I knew that being a therapist was what I wanted to do.”

Certified occupational therapy assistant, licensed (COTA/L) is exactly what Michelle is today, with help from Brown Mackie College ― Akron. It took perseverance and a lot of hard work, but Michelle stuck with it. Even after withdrawing from the program due to personal issues, she returned two years later to complete the program. “I knew if I had any issues, I could go to them; they cared and wanted me to succeed,” Michelle says.

She graduated in 2015, earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant. Today she works at Burbank Parke and Health Pro, where she works with geriatric patients in the center and in their homes. “Treatment sessions address a wide variety of diagnoses,” she says. “Many need help with activities of daily living, safe transfers, and therapeutic exercises designed to reduce the risk of falls.”

Michelle meets with each patient prior to treatment to discuss the upcoming session activities. “I review the evaluation done by the registered occupational therapist (OTR) to determine the goals of the treatment plan. I really enjoy the fact that I’m helping people,” she says. “It’s a great feeling when I see patients improve because of our treatment sessions. Unfortunately, not everyone will improve; however, knowing that I tried to help is worth all the time and work. I absolutely love being a COTA/L.”

She credits Brown Mackie College ― Akron for providing her with a solid foundation of practical knowledge. “The classes prepared me,” says Michelle. “And the fieldwork really prepared me. That’s when everything came together.”

Michelle takes pride in her accomplishments. “It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I’m a college graduate,” Michelle says. “I’m proud that at my age, with five children, I was able to go back to school and complete my degree. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my supportive husband, children, and family.”

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