Rodrigo Calderon

Name: Rodrigo Calderon

Employer: Universal Hospital Services

Equipment Processor for Universal Hospital Services

Rodrigo Calderon was employed, but felt he was not working to his full potential. When a friend and co-worker began classes at Brown Mackie College ― Miami, he spoke excitedly of his plan for the future. This motivated Rodrigo to visit the college to find out more about it. “Three days later I started my first class,” he says. “I especially loved the one class a month plan. It definitely helped me learn and not be overwhelmed since I had been out of school for so long.”

For two years Rodrigo worked full-time while attending classes and fulfilling homework obligations. “I pushed through my education, dealing with obstacles of career, home, and life changes in the middle of it,” he says. “I am grateful for the knowledgeable and honest instructors at Brown Mackie College ― Miami. Instructor Karin Hsiao in particular provided good advice, an open door policy, and opportunities to do volunteer work.”

Rodrigo graduated in 2013, earning an Associate of Science degree in Biomedical Equipment Technology. He begins his professional career at Universal Hospital Services in Miramar, Florida as an equipment processor.

“I test medical equipment, making sure it is clean and safe for normal patient use,” says Rodrigo. He tends to administrative duties as well. “I input information to a database; keep track of equipment, do filing, help with order fulfillment, and answer phones,” he continues.

Rodrigo keeps a clean work station. Each morning he tests the equipment channeled to him by work orders. He takes his time as he troubleshoots operation issues. “I try not to over-think any situation,” he says. When necessary, he asks for help. “I enjoy working with medical technology. I like being involved with the preparation. I also enjoy learning about the new devices coming out and the potential they offer to the world.”

With plans to take the Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) exam for certification in the field, Rodrigo looks to the future with confidence. “Maybe one day not too long from now, I will have my own biomed company,” he says.

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Name: Gary S. Barham

Employer: Alorica

Teaching and Training Others about Information Technology

Gary S. Barham is a man who knows how to get things done. Before attending Brown Mackie College ― Albuquerque, he had already earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications at Eastern New Mexico University. He worked for several years as general manager of the college radio station, KENW-AM, where he discovered the most rewarding part of his work was helping others succeed.

“I have always believed in helping others succeed,” says Gary. Gary volunteered at Citizen Schools, teaching public speaking to middle school students. This work garnered him the honor of receiving a Volunteer of the Year award in 2011 for the Citizen Schools program in Albuquerque.

As he worked in communications, Gary observed information technology (IT) professionals. “I always wanted to be like them. I also wanted to utilize my training and motivational skills to help others succeed in a more technical way,” he says. His father accompanied him when he visited Brown Mackie College ― Albuquerque to discuss a degree in Information Technology. “We met with Tracy Pelzer, admissions director, who made it quite obvious to us that Brown Mackie College ― Albuquerque was a good choice,” Gary adds.

Gary approached his studies with determination and professionalism. “I wanted them to know that I meant business,” he says. “I learned that the director of the IT program meant business too.” He progressed through the program with an appreciation for both general courses and core IT courses.

“The college prepared me to understand precisely how I can use my new skills to make a difference in an organization,” says Gary. He graduated in 2014, earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Technology. Gary now works as operations trainer at Alorica in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company offers business process outsourcing solutions for many different industries.

Gary’s role is to instruct Comcast’s technical support staff to resolve problems and issues quickly and effectively. “They need to know how to provide the best customer care,” he says. “The technical expertise covers cable television, internet, and telephone support.” He strives to perform with excellence to ensure that the Comcast representatives he trains will become the best customer care agents. “I care about what they understand and learn,” he says. “I want each person to succeed in a very good way.”

This new career provides Gary with two elements that he has always enjoyed - teaching and information technology. “I am now working for two of the most successful corporations in the nation! Alorica and Comcast are working together, and they want me to be a tremendous part of what they do. I am delighted to have the honor of working for both organizations,” he says. “I feel blessed knowing that great career opportunities will come in the future. I love IT and I’m now officially a part of it!”

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