Priscilla Diaz

Accounts Payable

Name: Priscilla Diaz

Employer: Administrative Offices of Grace Livings Centers

Externship Progresses to Full-Time Employment for Accounts Payable Professional

Priscilla Diaz was looking for a part-time job when she came across an advertisement for Brown Mackie College - Oklahoma City. “I met with an advisor, who was very friendly and that encouraged me to apply,” she says.

It was 2014 when Priscilla earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting Technology from Brown Mackie College - Oklahoma City. The final requirement for earning her degree was completion of an externship at a company in her field of study. She secured an externship at the administrative offices of Grace Livings Centers in Oklahoma City, and was hired on as an employee shortly after graduation.

Today she works in accounts payable, coding invoices, entering payments, and keeping records of transactions. “I started as an assistant, and moved quickly into an accounts payable position. It was a challenge adjusting to the new role and responsibilities, but now I have a routine and feel confident in my job,” says Priscilla. “I really enjoy what I do. It was a lot easier getting a better job with degree and feeling confident in my job and my abilities because of my education.”

Priscilla enjoyed the small class sizes at Brown Mackie College - Oklahoma City. “The face-to-face interaction with instructors is invaluable,” she says. ”I really enjoyed the diversity of classes from public speaking to spreadsheets. I encourage all students to go to every class and do all the work. It’s not easy, but it is possible. My education gave me more knowledge about the different levels and departments and what to expect when I entered into my career.”

Happy in her current job, Priscilla enjoys her work and is always eager to learn more. “I would love to one day move into payroll. Should I decide to further my education, I will expand my accounting knowledge and skills,” she says.

Licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools.

Megan Andrews

Office Representative

Name: Megan Andrews

Employer: State Farm

Externship Transitioned to Full-Time Employment

Megan Andrews was raising a son on her own, and wanted to provide a better life for him. She decided to enroll at Brown Mackie College – Oklahoma City. It took some grit and honing of her organizational and time management skills to find balance. Megan happily rose to the challenge.

“It was tough, but I got through it,” she says of her success in tending to her son, her job, and her studies. Megan graduated from Brown Mackie College – Oklahoma City in 2015, earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management. She completed her externship with State Farm insurance agent Rod Chew in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and joined the staff as a full-time employee after graduation.

As an office representative, Megan answers phones as she learns the business and works toward obtaining her insurance license. She enjoys the people in her new professional environment as she gains knowledge and experience in the insurance industry.

Megan enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of Brown Mackie College – Oklahoma City and was impressed by everyone’s willingness to help. “The staff and instructors support students every step of the way,” she says. “I felt my confidence grow with each course I passed. My communication skills are much better now, and I’m happy with the lasting relationships I developed with my peers and instructors.

Megan is proud of her ability to focus on her studies to create a new life for herself and her son. “Don’t give up even when faced with challenges,” she reminds others. “If I can do it, you can do it!”

Licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools.