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At the Brown Mackie College system of schools, we celebrate the academic success of every student because it represents the kind of change that lasts a lifetime.

Alumni Success

Alumni Success

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Read some of the success stories and testimonials from Brown Mackie College school students and alumni.

Rodrigo Calderon

Equipment Processor

Name: Rodrigo Calderon

Employer: Universal Hospital Services

Equipment Processor for Universal Hospital Services, 2013

Rodrigo Calderon was employed, but felt he was not working to his full potential. When a friend and co-worker began classes at Brown Mackie College ― Miami, he spoke excitedly of his plan for the future. This motivated Rodrigo to visit the college to find out more about it. “Three days later I started my first class,” he says. “I especially loved the one class a month plan. It definitely helped me learn and not be overwhelmed since I had been out of school for so long.”

For two years Rodrigo worked full-time while attending classes and fulfilling homework obligations. “I pushed through my education, dealing with obstacles of career, home, and life changes in the middle of it,” he says. “I am grateful for the knowledgeable and honest instructors at Brown Mackie College ― Miami. Instructor Karin Hsiao in particular provided good advice, an open door policy, and opportunities to do volunteer work.”

Rodrigo graduated in 2013, earning an Associate of Science degree in Biomedical Equipment Technology. He begins his professional career at Universal Hospital Services in Miramar, Florida as an equipment processor.

“I test medical equipment, making sure it is clean and safe for normal patient use,” says Rodrigo. He tends to administrative duties as well. “I input information to a database; keep track of equipment, do filing, help with order fulfillment, and answer phones,” he continues.

Rodrigo keeps a clean work station. Each morning he tests the equipment channeled to him by work orders. He takes his time as he troubleshoots operation issues. “I try not to over-think any situation,” he says. When necessary, he asks for help. “I enjoy working with medical technology. I like being involved with the preparation. I also enjoy learning about the new devices coming out and the potential they offer to the world.”

With plans to take the Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) exam for certification in the field, Rodrigo looks to the future with confidence. “Maybe one day not too long from now, I will have my own biomed company,” he says.

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Scrub Technician

Name: Sara Watson

Employer: Mercy Hospital

Taking on the challenge of making a difference, 2015

Sara Watson knew she would be happy in a career where she could help others. Specifically, she wanted to help people regain good health. She turned to Brown Mackie College ― St. Louis to achieve her goal. She approached her studies with determination, appreciating the intense focus on a single class each month. 

“I enjoyed my classmates and instructors,” says Sara. “We worked together in study groups a lot of the time. In classroom and lab sessions, learning was fun.” Sara felt well prepared for “clinicals,” where students work in a hospital, gaining hands-on experience with the theory and skills they learn in the classroom. “For me, sometimes reading a book over and over to understand something was hard. I liked the hands-on learning,” Sara says. 

Sara excelled in her studies, graduating in 2015 with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Surgical Technology. It didn’t take long to land her first job as a scrub technician at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Now she spends much of her time in the operating room (OR). 

It is up to Sara to sterilize equipment and set up the OR for each specific procedure. She relies on her thorough knowledge of surgical instruments to perform her job every day. Sara’s role during a procedure is to assist the surgeon, passing instruments, draping patients, and holding retractors. “I am there to help the surgeon,” she says. 

She enjoys being part of a surgical team that helps patients in vital ways. Sara sometimes encounters people at the hospital who become short on patience under pressure. “Any time that happens, I just let it roll of my shoulders and keep moving on with my work,” she says. 

Always taking special care in her duties, Sara has learned to “throw off” suctions and cords carefully during surgical procedures, making certain to never contaminate a sterile field. She appreciates being in a position where she continues to learn new things every day. 

“You can never stop learning, wherever you end up in life,” Sara says. “Every day take a little bit of everything people tell me. It is important to keep your mind open to new things if you want to go far in life. We all need to be challenged to venture outside of our comfort zones.” 

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