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Brown Mackie College — Tucson gives you the opportunity to pursue an education in a city with a lot to offer. Located in East Tucson, Arizona, it provides an ideal backdrop for a career-focused college. East Tucson is an area of the city experiencing urban and suburban development, making it an ideal spot to pursue an education.

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Brown Mackie College – Tucson is dedicated to providing rewarding opportunities through imparting the skills and desire for life-long learning and developing students’ personal and professional enrichment goals. Our College presents our communities with diverse graduates who possess the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in existing and emerging professions. Brown Mackie College – Tucson strives to accomplish its mission through the empowerment, motivation and guidance of our students by means of offering an educational foundation and socio-economic support for their success.

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From computers to accounting and more, the programs in the area of Business and Technology at the Brown Mackie College system of schools offer an opportunity to learn no matter how general or specific your interests.

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