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Brown Mackie College - Miami is no longer accepting new students. Students already in attendance can still find all of the information they need about this location on this site.

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Brown Mackie College — Miami is dedicated to providing opportunities for higher education to a culturally diverse population through a compassionate approach that empowers its students. Each program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve personal and professional success. Graduates are prepared for life’s challenges and a career that will positively impact their families and community.

Brown Mackie College — Miami believes that it makes an important contribution to the economic growth and social well being of the metropolitan areas it serves. The College educates students to help meet the economic needs of the communities in entry-level positions in business, legal, technical, and allied health careers. The uniqueness of Brown Mackie College — Miami lies in its dedication to sound business principles that parallel the business principles of the communities it serves. The educational process is a change-oriented approach to education that provides the community with graduates who possess the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in existing and emerging occupations.

The following purposes are integral to the mission of Brown Mackie College — Miami:

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and analytical learning skills that will contribute to lifelong learning.
  • Establish an environment that allows students to attain theoretical and practical knowledge appropriate to their field of study.
  • Prepare students for employment in their chosen field of study.