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Brown Mackie College - Louisville is no longer accepting new students. Students already in attendance can still find all of the information they need about this location on this site.

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Brown Mackie College — Louisville provides higher education to traditional and nontraditional students through bachelor degree, associate degree, diploma, and certificate programs that assist them in enhancing their career opportunities, broadening their perspectives through appropriate general education courses, thinking independently and critically, and improving problem-solving abilities. The College strives to develop within its students the desire for lifelong and continued education.

Brown Mackie College — Louisville believes that it makes an important contribution to the economic growth and social well being of the metropolitan areas it serves. The College educates students to help meet the economic needs of the communities in entry-level positions in business, technical, and allied health careers. The uniqueness of Brown Mackie College — Louisville lies in its dedication to sound business principles that parallel the business principles of the communities it serves. The educational process is a change-oriented approach to education that provides the community with graduates who possess the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in existing and emerging occupations.

The following purposes are integral to the mission of Brown Mackie College — Louisville:

  • Create a positive, friendly learning environment where each student’s personal and practical skill development is encouraged.
  • Maintain qualified, experienced and dedicated staff and faculty members who are committed to the College’s philosophy of promoting student development.
  • Minimize the barrier to post-secondary career training for the socially or economically disadvantaged by accepting students without regard to age, sex, national origin, religion, or race and provide financial aid services to those who qualify.
  • Provide professional development and employment assistance which will enable students to confidently pursue employment in their chosen fields.
  • Respond to the constantly changing needs of the business community through revision of training methods and materials, and attention to the evaluations and recommendations of employers.
  • Provide student support services, including tutoring, advising, advisory boards and employment assistance, which complement the educational programs.
  • Achieve continuous quality improvement with ongoing assessments to achieve the college’s mission.