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Readmissions: Hopkinsville


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Readmissions - Come Back to Brown Mackie College

Welcome back! If you were a student at any Brown Mackie College and want to return to college to complete your educational goals, then this is the section for you. We offer bachelor’s degree programs in the areas of business administration, criminal justice, health care management, and legal studies. You can also earn an associate’s degree, diploma, or certificate depending on the program of study.

Get your re-enrollment started today by completing your Request to Return form online!

At the Brown Mackie College family of schools, we have staff ready to assist you in your transition back into school.

Note: A student who withdraws from a Brown Mackie College may re-enroll only once in any nine-month period. If, after the first re-enrollment, the student withdraws a second time, he or she must wait nine months from the last date of attendance to resume enrollment. This policy applies to both voluntary and administrative withdrawals.

Reasons to return to Brown Mackie College

Remember the circumstances that originally brought you to The Brown Mackie College family of schools? Are you more prepared now to make the changes in your life necessary for you to return to your goal and become a graduate of Brown Mackie College — Hopkinsville?

  1. Complete your education!

    It’s never too late to return to college to work on earning the degree, diploma, or certificate you want. Just imagine the sense of fulfillment you’ll experience on graduation day. A bachelor’s degree is awarded at the completion of a four-year program, while an associate’s degree is awarded at the completion of a two-year program.

  2. Enhanced job and career opportunities!

    Having a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, diploma, or certificate may increase your chances and choices in the workforce.

  3. Sense of accomplishment!

    Knowing you have reached a long-term goal along with having the education you need to begin or enhance your career can provide a great sense of self worth.

  4. Transition to a new career or enhance your current career!

    Completion of your program may assist you in transitioning into a new career, or contribute to your skill set for your current career. Either way it makes sense to finish your education.

  5. Enhanced knowledge!

    Completing your program may increase your abilities to think abstractly, and improve your critical thinking and overall communication skills.

  6. Build your networks!

    Returning to college can help you build both your social and professional networks.

  7. You complete one class at a time!

    All Brown Mackie Colleges offer this unique method of course delivery. It permits you to focus and put your energies into one class at a time.

We’re sure that you have your own reasons for wanting to complete your education and that you could add them to this list. We also know that finishing your degree is important to you and we’re here to help you in whatever way we can to attain your educational goals.

Help! What's my next step?

Confused? Let us help you. Chat with one of our representatives, or you can simply request more information.

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Important Information

Since Brown Mackie College is comprised of several institutions, see BMCPrograms.info for program duration, tuition, fees, other costs, median debt, federal salary data, alumni success, and other important info.

Brown Mackie College is a system of over 25 schools located throughout North America. Programs, credential levels, technology, and scheduling options vary by school and are subject to change. Administrative office: 625 Eden Park Drive, Suite 1100; Cincinnati, OH 45202. Our email address is csprogramadmin@edmc.edu.

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